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Easy to Join.

There is no sign up necessary for Carvers or Voting Public. You are automatically a member of the Golden Carver community once you enter a competition! 

Join the Community.

Carvers: you know we are a special breed, and often we just tick a little different than others. This community was created by fellow chainsaw carvers to promote chainsaw carving, recognize chainsaw artists, and inspire a new generation of carvers.  

Choose your skill level: We offer a semi-pro and a pro level of competition. Each division is tailored to meet the needs of your skill level. 

Join the Golden Carver Awards (GCAs) and get to know others, maybe enter some exciting contests, and have fun from anywhere in the world! 


  • New Carvers

  • Carvers that carve part-time 

  • New to competitions 

  • Relaxed themes 

  • All the benefits of the GCAs


  • Prove you’re THE BEST! 

  • Veteran carvers

  • Full time carvers 

  • Veteran competitors 

  • Stricter themes 

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Climb the Rankings 

The Golden Carver Awards keeps track of how you do during each competition. We display these stats for you to view your progress relative to yourself, as well as relative to others. Display a consistent skillet across many themes to climb the rankings. 


Submit your Meet the Carver page info

Email us at with the subject line “Meet the Carver Information”. Let us know your name, a short biography of your career, where you’re from, and what your business contacts are. Include an action shot of yourself, and photos of three of your pieces you’ve done. 


Compete in Competitions

Submit your entry for the current competition and look ahead to the next one. Start your piece ahead of time and tag us with your progress on social media. 


Join the Exclusive Discord Group

- Exclusive Golden Carver chats 

- Meet other carvers 

- Collaborate with others 

- Give and receive help 

- Meet the fans 

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