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Easy to Join.

Whether you are a Carver who wants to enter contests, or you are part of the Voting Public who wants to vote for your favorite carvings, it’s easy to become a member. Membership is now open.  

Join the Community.

Carvers: you know we are a special breed, and often we just tick a little different than others. This community was created by fellow chainsaw carvers to promote chainsaw carving, recognize chainsaw artists, and inspire a new generation of carvers.  

Not a carver? That is okay! You can also vote and win prizes as the voting public (VP), for free! 

Join the Golden Carver Awards (GCAs) and get to know others, maybe enter some exciting contests, and have fun from anywhere in the world! 


  • Become a member of the GCA community

  • Enter any contest

  • Share your masterpieces

  • Submit pictures of your carving

  • Connect with carvers & the VP

  • Encourage people to vote for you

  • Win great prizes!

Voting Public (VP)

  • Become a member of the GCA community

  • Meet the carvers 

  • View contest submissions 

  • Choose your favorites 

  • Place your votes

  • Your vote enters you into a drawing 

  • Win great prizes! 

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