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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, you can always email us at We try our best to respond in a timely manner. Until then, hopefully these answers can help you better enjoy our website and the artwork that we showcase. 

  • How Do I Judge The Entries? 

Judging the entries in our current competition is easy. First you need to create an account. Hit the button that says “Become a Member” at the top of our home page. Follow the instructions to create an account. After that, when you log in, you will automatically be directed to our latest competition. Click “Score Carvings” in the hamburger menu, and assign the number of stars to each carving accordingly. 

  • Why Do I Need To Create An Account? 

We have everyone create an account to keep the judging accurate. We want the best artist to win. If you didn’t have to create an account, the VP vote would turn into a popularity contest. As the number of our VP members continues to grow, the VP vote will become increasingly more competitive, and more accurate of a competiton. 

  • Why Can People Change Their Votes After They Are Cast? 

By nature of having a competition with open judging for two months, someone will always be the last to cast their vote. If voting were locked once cast, people who wait until the end of the competition to vote could manipulate their votes based on the current leaderboard, and they would have an advantage. By allowing everyone to do this, it evens the playing field for everyone, and it gives nobody an advantage. 

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