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Greg Waters

Lisbon Falls, Maine

Greg has been an artist for as long as he can remember. His first medium was pencil drawing which led him to oil and acrylic painting on canvas. It was not long before he was recognized for his talent and apprenticed to become a tattoo artist. He eventually received his license and spent many years working at a tattoo shop providing clients with quality lifelong artwork. Some other mediums he added to his portfolio were clay sculptures and mural painting.

Greg began his carving career in December of 2014. A friend of his was just starting to try chainsaw carving but had limited knowledge of sculpting. Knowing he was an artist, Greg was invited over to try his hand at the art form. He grew up with knowledge of power tools so he was no stranger to using a chainsaw. He carved his very first bear and it sold that day. From there he was hooked!

Greg has a passion for art and furthering his knowledge/techniques. His favorite art form to date is three dimensional sculptures and he finds a certain warmth when working with wood.

Greg started a business for his art primarily revolving around his chainsaw sculptures, but also includes hand carvings, routered signs, and much more. Check out Riverside Wood Carving on the web, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.

Greg Waters

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